February 12, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Staging Our Histories

History (a)Live: Pasts off the Page & on the Stage

This event has passed

Seven powerful stories told via film, theatre, poetry and oral storytelling will illuminate the past and its impact on the present for one evening in Ottawa. At Staging Our Histories, creative storytelling will bring the origins of a local landmark to life, film and theatre will investigate the memories contained in a grandmother's home remedies, and poetry will express the lived experience of colonial legacies, among other performances.

Founded by three volunteer co-directors, Staging Our Histories brings performers from diverse traditions together with members of academia and the general public. An evening of performance, as well as interactive talk-backs moderated by host Adrian Harewood, will engage the artists and audience in a dialogue about the ways we express and understand our pasts beyond the page.

The performances and talk-backs will be followed by a brief reception, also at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage.

Elise Gauthier
Kayla Carter
Gianhi Tran & Elizabeth Trinh
Martha Stiegman
Murray Rob Roy McGregor
Carol Jones
Angela Wright