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I Am For You

  NAC Rehearsal Hall A 1 Elgin Street, Ottawa
  NAC Rehearsal Hall A 1 Elgin Street, Ottawa

Lucinda Davis, Tristan D. Lalla, Janelle Cooper

Janelle Cooper

Tristan D. Lalla, Lucinda Davis

Tristan D. Lalla

Lucinda Davis

NAC English Theatre Production

  • by Mieko Ouchi

Approximately 55 minutes with no intermission.

Lainie and Mariam are two high school girls who want to beat the daylights out of one another. Luckily their violent outbursts come to a head just as the new drama teacher arrives. He has a harebrained idea that just might work. He casts the girls as Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and teaches them how to fight, both with swords and with words. The results are winning.


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