Jon Sasaki

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

Ottawa Art Gallery 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa
Ottawa Art Gallery 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

Jon Sasaki, Day for Night, studio documentation 2014.

Courtesy of the artist.

Three little-known works from the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art by the painter George Thomson (1868–1965) provide the foundation for a new body of work by JON SASAKI. The three paintings have been reinterpreted in ways that pay homage to an artist who was too often discussed only in connection with his more famous younger brother, Tom. Sasaki’s pieces in Two Roads Diverged in a Wood examine George Thomson’s ties to family, his community, and to the astoundingly eventful times in which he lived.


PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP MAY 3 Crowded on a Velvet Cushion

During this hands-on painting workshop, participants can learn the meticulous, somewhat ritualistic painting method of George Thomson. Fastidious step-by-step instructions will be given by an instructor. Deviation from the prescribed technique will be strongly discouraged; however, convivial fraternizing with fellow participants will be mandatory, in the spirit of an artist who placed as much importance on community-building as he did on painterly skill.


  • Artist Jon Sasaki
  • Curated by Ola Wlusek

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