Ontario in Âjagemô

Selections from the Canada Council Art Bank

Erika DeFreitas, The Impossible Speech Act (2007).

Courtesy of the artist

Kent Monkman, Rebellion (2003). Acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Canada Council Art Bank.

Brandon Carida

Ontario boasts a rich history of visual and media arts – due in large part to its size, diversity, and vibrant urban centres. But is Ontario art distinct? Do Ontario artists have a single, discernible viewpoint? A unique cultural psychology? Judge for yourself at this exhibition in the Canada Council’s Âjagemô exhibition hall*. Ontario in Âjagemô draws on a selection of five decades of works from the Canada Council Art Bank to reveal that the most interesting conversations emerge from viewpoints that are both unique and personal.

Since 1972, the CANADA COUNCIL ART BANK has been collecting works by the best Canadian artists of our times, amassing the world’s largest collection of contemporary Canadian art. Almost 4,000 of these works are by Ontario artists.

*Âjagemô is the Algonquin word for “crossroads.”


  • Artists Jack Bush
    Leslie Reid
    Jeffrey Thomas
    Suzy Lake
  • and others

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