April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
from Niipii
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from Niipii

Weesakechak, a lone Cree wanderer, searches an urban war zone. An incident on Cherry Beach links to nuclear accidents. A mythologized female provides a proper cup of tea. A Mohawk man honours his dead friend by running naked on the highway.

Climate change, urban expansion, dreamscapes, Aboriginal traditions, ice-fishing shacks, and witchcraft are united in this screening of short video works from across Ontario. The influence of the diverse environments from which these artists originate is central to the themes of these videos. From natural landscapes to urban cityscapes, the breadth of this province’s locations complements how Ontario artists honour the past and depict the future.

Curated by SCOTT MCGOVERN, program director at Guelph’s Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Videontario shows how artists, their ideas, and their locations are linked, both physically and spiritually.

Some brief nudity and minor violence.

All films are silent, in English, or with English subtitles.

Presented by SAW Video Media Art Centre in partnership with the Downtown Rideau BIA.

from Niipii
from Cooling Reactors
from Repercussions
from Wakening
from Tea Service


  • Artists Danis Goulet
    soJin Chun
    Jules Koostachin
    Terril Calder
    Lisa Birke
    Deirdre Logue
    Almerinda Travassos
    Eric Boissonneault
    Zoe Leigh Hopkins
  • Curated by Scott McGovern