Patricia Cano and Luanda Jones

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Patricia Cano

Photo: Jorge Cueto

Luanda Jones

Photo: Rainer Soegtrop

With a voice that is smooth, intense, and a little bit sweet, Sudbury’s PATRICIA CANO delivers the goods with the expression and presence of a Broadway star, serving up her luscious sound in English, French, and Spanish.

Drawing on her background in theatre, Spanish literature, Korean singing, and Brazil’s Carioca music scene, Patricia has a dazzling wealth and diversity of experience, effortlessly blending jazz, blues, South American folk, samba, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, and more.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, LUANDA JONES captivates audiences with her unique take on Brazilian classics and her own finely crafted original songs. Her suave, jazz-inflected vocals and stylized guitar harmonies are delivered with an unforgettable voice and magnetic onstage personality.