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Alanna Mitchell

Photo: Chloe Ellingson

Ottawa Premiere

The ocean contains the switch of life. Not the land, not the atmosphere – the ocean. And that switch can be turned off.

In Sea Sick, acclaimed science journalist ALANNA MITCHELL shows us why we should care. Using science and her own delicate wit to recount how she put the pieces of this huge global puzzle together, Alanna delivers a powerful and often humorous solo performance, inspired by her international bestseller and award-winning book of the same name.

Sea Sick will take you to the bottom of the ocean to face the demons of the deeps and deliver you into hope and redemption.

A thrilling…cautionary tale.

Robert Crew, Toronto Star

She describes coral spawning in the Caribbean with the erotic fervour of a Harlequin romance.

Martin Morrow, The Globe and Mail


  • A production of The Theatre Centre
  • Created by Alanna Mitchell
  • with Franco Boni & Ravi Jain
  • Directed by Franco Boni
  • with Ravi Jain
  • Performed by Alanna Mitchell

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