May 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas © Photo: David Hou

Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas

In The Darbar: An evening of classical music and dance from North India

This event has passed
Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas © Photo: David Hou
Music Dance

Featuring an alluring fusion of tabla, sitar, and movement, In the Darbar explores the signature qualities of Kathak dance – sparkling pirouettes (chakkars) and intricate footwork – combined with rhythm and melody to produce a complete work of art.

BAGESHREE VAZE is a brilliant and expressive dancer who was named an “ubbharta sitara” (rising star) by MTV India. She has mesmerized audiences and critics alike in major festivals across Canada and abroad with her lyrical blend of Indian dance and Western forms. VINEET VYAS, a world-renowned tabla artist, was born into a family of traditional musicians and has studied and appeared with some of India’s foremost classical masters. RAJIB KARMAKAR is undoubtedly one of the finest sitar players today, performing all over the world and effortlessly blending improvisation with technical expertise.

The expressive beauty of In the Darbar confirms that in every song there is dance, and in every dance there is music.

Bageshree Vaze and Vineet Vyas © Photo: David Hou


  • Dance Bageshree Vaze
  • Tabla Vineet Vyas
  • Sitar Rajib Karmakar