Played by: Andrew Moodie

36 years old at the time of his death in 1978. At times affable, at others unreasonable, he is a hopeful husband and loving father. He works many jobs and wants to be a preacher. Upon arrival in Toronto from Jamaica in 1974, his behaviour becomes manic and off-putting to his wife. Four years later, he is shot and killed by police.


Played by: Audrey Dwyer

Age 41 at the time that she is recounting the story in 1982. She works as a lab assistant in Toronto. She emigrated from Jamaica in 1970 and sent money back home to her family. Following Alan’s arrival, their marriage becomes increasingly strained. She is on the verge of leaving Alan when he is killed by the police in their home.


Played by: Carol Cece Anderson

The only child of Alan and Julia, raised for years by her father and grandmother in Jamaica. Caught in a battle of wills between her mother, father and grandmother, she witnesses the killing at age 14 and is haunted by what she feels was her role in her father's death.


Played by: Jackie Richardson

Alan's mother, 66 years old, with a watchful eye and fierce loyalty to her son, although her influence over him is minimal. She has been raising Girl in Julia's absence and doesn't approve of Julia.