The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum

The Glace Bay Miners' Museum Welcome to the study guide for The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum, a play by Wendy Lill. In this study guide you will find background information on the play, the playwright, the author of the original short story The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum (Sheldon Currie), and historical information on mining in Nova Scotia, as well as a synopsis of the play, the themes explored in the play, and a list of characters with a short description of each. Practical elements of this guide include pre- and post-performance discussion questions and pre- and post-performance exercises that will prompt students to think creatively and critically about their experience seeing The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum at the NAC. Exercises are created as units of study which include warm-ups, a main exercise, culminating exercise and, where appropriate, opportunities for reflection and extensions. Depending on which grade you teach you may choose to complete the exercises as they are written or adapt them to better suit your class’ needs. We sincerely hope that you find this guide to be useful. We welcome any feedback you may have, and invite you to contact Judi Pearl, Young Company Manager, English Theatre at or 613-947-7000 ext. 537.


Study guide written by Karen Gilodo

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