Pride and Prejudice

Welcome to the study guide for Pride and Prejudice, the beloved novel written by Jane Austen, now adapted by Janet Munsil into a stage play for Theatre Calgary and the National Arts Centre. In this guide you will find background information on the story, the themes and the Regency period. You will also find discussion questions and exercises that will prompt thoughtful and critical inquiry into the world of the play. The exercises are written in such a way as to make them adaptable for your grade level. Each exercise is accompanied with instructions but feel free to adapt these for your class’ needs. Seeing the production will prove to be a lush and enchanting theatrical experience for you and your students. Enjoy exploring the world of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice!

We sincerely hope that you find this guide to be useful. We welcome any feedback you may have, and invite you to contact Judi Pearl, Young Company Manager, English Theatre at or 613-947-7000 ext. 537.

Study guide written by Karen Gilodo 

Be sure to check out our interview with Adaptor Janet Munsil!

Theatre Calgary, our co-producer for Pride and Prejudice, has also produced some excellent resources for teachers, students and the general public.  Download them here:

Student Activity Guide

Audience Enrichment Guide