Curriculum Connections

In addition to covering the Overall Expectations (including:  Creating and Presenting, Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing, and Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts) as outlined by the Ontario Arts Curriculum, this study guide covers Strands from the Canadian and World Studies Curriculum (including: Communities, Change and Continuity, Social, Economic, and Political Structures, and Methods of Historical Inquiry and Communications).

By participating in the exercises in this study guide, students will:

  • construct personal interpretations of drama works, connecting drama issues and themes to social concerns at both the local and global level.
  • social concerns at both the local and global level.
  • communicate feelings, thoughts, and abstract ideas through drama works.
  • communicate orally for a wide range of purposes, using language effective for the intended audience.
  • identify forces that have facilitated the process of change  and those that have tended to impede it (e.g., rigid class or caste systems).
  • Character Education Connections: Empathy, Perseverance.