NAC English Theatre

NAC English Theatre opened its doors in 1969 with a production of George Ryga’s The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

Playwrights and Creators

NAC English Theatre invests in writers and creators who are aiming to create dynamic, urgent and uniquely Canadian work. We believe that plays, in all of their shapes and sizes, need time and attention to prosper. We are looking at work at every stage of development, from the beginnings of ideas right through to projects that have already seen first productions. We are drawn by the inventiveness of play-makers, and by content that we believe helps to strengthen our collective sense of Canada.

As part of a desire to strengthen the existing body of Canadian theatre, and to give meaningful support to the development of new work, NAC English Theatre does not produce premiere productions on our stages. We are however involved with companies who produce new work and we support these premieres on stages across the country. We invite you to check out The Collaborations below to learn more.

The Collaborations

We collaborate on new work because we love Canadian plays. We believe that beautifully crafted plays leave our audiences with a story to tell, and the added satisfaction of being able to say, “You had to be there." We are compelled to make theatre that is finely tuned, and we invest in this pursuit with our financial support, attention, time and other available resources.

We are interested in stories and ideas that are unique, and that speak to the diverse experiences of living in Canada today. We are interested in the variety of writing and creative voices in this country, all part of the ongoing project of making our work a reflection of the evolving cultural milieu within Canada's borders.

Our present and past collaborations can be found here.

Unsolicited Scripts

We encourage writers of un-produced plays to contact your regional play development houses and to pursue local means of getting your work produced in your home communities. 

NAC English Theatre does not accept unsolicited scripts.

Let us know about your work

Let us know if your play is being produced. If Jillian can see a performance, she will. If no one from the artistic team is able to see the work, we may send someone in our stead. We also suggest that you archive your work: producing companies may be interested in these documents following a successful production in your home community.


At present, we are not commissioning any new work.



For any questions about writing and creation work you can contact Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley at: sarah.stanley[at]nac-cna.ca

Thank you to the Friends of English Theatre for their passion and continued support.