Directors and Other Creatives

Artistic Directors Past

Prior to Jillian Keiley taking the reins as Artistic Director in the summer of 2012, NAC English Theatre was led by Peter Hinton, Marti Maraden, Gil Osborne, Andis Celms, John Wood and Jean Roberts.

What’s up now?

We have three main venues at the NAC: the 800-seat Babs Asper Theatre, the 300-seat Azrieli Studio and the 150-seat Fourth Stage. English Theatre also co-produces on stages across the country, and occasionally tours.

English Theatre presents eight to ten plays each year. Some of these shows are presentations of touring works, some are co-productions, and some are produced in-house.


Artistic Director Jillian Keiley invites freelance directors to be part of our season. Visiting directors work in collaboration with Jillian in making decisions on the casting and design team. If you are interested in working as a director at the NAC, let us get to know your work by inviting us to a project you are directing. If we can see a performance, we will. If we are unable to, we will keep our eyes and ears open about its progress.


We are always taking note of design work that has impact. We keep this information available as a resource to incoming directors. 

In addition to high-quality sound, light and video equipment, the NAC houses its own carpentry shop, props shop and wardrobe as well as an extensive warehouse of useful items for the stage.

We do not accept unsolicited design portfolios but let us know when your designs are in production.

Stage Managers

Producer Andy Lunney and Production Director Mike D’Amato consult on stage management. If you are interested in stage management opportunities for NAC English Theatre, please contact Mike D'Amato.

Assistant and Emerging Directors

We believe in the importance of director training and see assistant directing as a valid means through which to deepen the emerging director’s experience. Each season we do our best to open up opportunities for emerging directors to observe the process, and in some cases assistant direct.  

For More Information

Please contact Judi Pearl for general inquiries about any of the above.

Thank you to the Friends of English Theatre for their passion and continued support.