The Cycle

Changing the shape of Canadian theatre

The Cycle is a recurring, two-year research initiative developed by Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley in partnership with artists and leaders from across the country. Our goal with each in-depth investigation is to gather practitioners around big ideas, engaging with the concerns of our contemporary society in theatrical terms. Areas of focus include Indigenous Performance (2014-15),  and Deaf, disability, Mad arts and Inclusion (2016-17).

What is the Cycle?

Phase 1: The Summit is an intimate meeting place between artistic leaders from the milieu and empowered institutional representatives who act as listeners and respondents throughout the session.

Phase 2: The Study is a larger gathering of invested artists, leaders, students and specialists who together explore the breadth and scope of the work in view.

Phase 3: The Public Event (The Repast / The Republic of Inclusion) is a performative and event-based sharing of ideas with the broader theatrical community: academic, artistic, independent and institutional.

“The Cycle is intended as a way to make Canadian Theatre stronger.”- Jillian Keiley, Artistic Director, NAC English Theatre, from her opening remarks at Summit 2016