The Cycle

Changing the Shape of Canadian Theatre

The Cycle is a trilogy of two-year research initiatives developed by Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley in partnership with artists and leaders from across the country. Our goal with each in-depth investigation is to gather practitioners around big ideas, and in theatrical terms engage with the concerns of our contemporary society. Our areas of focus: Indigenous Performance (2014-2015); Deaf, disability, Mad arts and Inclusion (2016-2017); and Climate Change (2019-2020).

Climate Change

The Earth is Watching... Let's Act.
The third and final Cycle engages deeply with the facts of climate change and grapples with how the performing arts can respond through emissions reduction and new practices.

What is the Cycle?

Phase 1: The Summit is an intimate gathering between inspirational leaders and empowered institutional representatives. It acts as a springboard to a larger more in depth look in phase 2 and 3.

Phase 2: The Study is a larger gathering where artists, scientists, leaders of all kinds and students come together to develop and explore theme-based performance practices.

Phase 3: The Public Event (The Repast / The Republic of Inclusion/The Green Rooms) is a performative and event-based sharing of ideas with the broader theatrical community: academic, artistic, scientific, independent and institutional. It has come to be known as The Green Rooms.

“The Cycle is intended as a way to make Canadian Theatre stronger.”- Jillian Keiley, Artistic Director, NAC English Theatre, from her opening remarks at Summit 2016