• Choreography Catherine Gaudet

Inspired by pagan processions, ten performers tirelessly chant in a choir on stage, voicing a persistent prayer. Their body language, plain and innocuous like their speech, gradually gets more complex with repetition and accumulation, producing a near-psychedelic and hallucinogenic effect.

With ODE, Catherine Gaudet transports us to a surreal, exalted world, full of an extreme desire for harmony, coupled with palpable ambiguity. This forthcoming work from the innovative choreographer defies categorization with its compelling singularity, somewhere between sacrificial ritual and pop-rock show. 


Compagnie Catherine Gaudet produces and presents contemporary choreographic works. The company helps research, create, produce and distribute works by its artistic director on local and international stages.  

Compagnie Catherine Gaudet strives to be a hub for outstanding liberated artists, dedicated to the insatiable search for the variable affinity of the real and the exploration of the intricate ramifications of the body and the psyche. Together, these artists find their creative inspiration from the breathtaking fact of existence. 

The Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV helps create and produce dance pieces through a unique combination of experimentation and innovation. The CCOV uses its long-term artist residency program to produce bold, high-profile works that help challenge and advance contemporary artistic practices in positive ways. CCOV is a unique space for artistic reflection, a talent incubator and idea catalyst that is feeding the creative genius of a new generation of artists. Catherine Gaudet is the third artist selected for the “CCOV Productions” program, after In My Body by Crazy Smooth and Frontera by Dana Gingras. 

Creative team

  • Choreography Catherine Gaudet
  • Executive Producer Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV
  • Original Music Composer Antoine Berthiaume
  • Costume Designer Marilène Bastien
  • Lighting Designer Alexandre Pilon-Guay
  • Rehearsal Director and Dramaturg Sophie Michaud
  • Performers Rodrigo Alvarenga-Bonilla, Stacey Désilier, Dany Desjardins, Francis Ducharme, Aurélie Ann Figaro, Caroline Gravel, Scott McCabe, Chi Long, James Phillips, Geneviève Robitaille

National Creation Fund investment

The National Creation Fund's investment of $93,000 will support the engagement of a vocal coach to work with the dancers, the creation of original songs, a week-long music and voice residency at Domaine Forget, and a two-week technical residency. 


Executive Producer: Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV 

Production partners and presenters: Compagnie Catherine Gaudet, the Festival TransAmériques. 

Developed with support from the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund. 

Past performances