Folk On The Rocks

July 14-16, 2023

Yellowknife, NWT
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Folk On The Rocks
Folk On The Rocks
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Folk On The Rocks © Carson Asmund
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Folk On The Rocks
Folk On The Rocks © Carla Maxwell

Folk On The Rocks (FOTR) Annual Music Festival has come a long way since founder Rod Russell and his band of folkie go-getters re-booted a small outdoor gig on the shores of Frame Lake, and transported it over to Long Lake in the summer in 1980.

FOTR is one of Canada’s top summertime music and cultural festivals, drawing performers from the NWT, Nunavut and all across Canada for the North’s biggest party under the midnight sun.

More than 35 hours of programming on six stages, including a children’s area and a beer garden, promises fun and enjoyment for all ages. Along with the music, crowds can savour international and traditional cuisine at the food fair, check out non-profit groups and activities, and buy Northern creative works in the artisan tent.

Come delight in this musical offering and be a part of the magic as performers from all over Canada and the world create and collaborate in the biggest artistic jam in the North.

“I’ve been to many music festivals and this is one of the prettiest – all of the stages have a view of the lake and the sun never sets. I really enjoyed that many of the performers were Indigenous and I was exposed to new kinds of music, some of which were very moving.”

Anastasia Kiva (fan)

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