Northern Crafters

Traditional craft workshops

For four exciting days, Canada Scene’s Northern Craft Workshops will offer a unique opportunity to work alongside Northern visual artists, learning traditional skills from stone-carving to print-making to jewellery-making, beadwork, doll-making, and caribou tufting. This series of half-day or full-day workshops presents a rare chance to learn the skills and crafts that Northern artists have used for decades and longer to tell their stories, create and sustain their culture, and offer their art to their world.

Sign up for a half-day or full-day class, and spend the day becoming attuned to the natural world of the North, using completely natural and recycled materials like stone, mammoth ivory, and animal hides.

Not up for a workshop? Visit the Northern Artists Craft Market from July 19-22 in the NAC Le Salon. Distinctive creations of seven superb artists from the Northwest Territories will give the Scene-goers a unique opportunity to take home a northern treasure of their own. 

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