Past Winners of the NAC Orchestra Bursary

2021 – David Baik (violin)
2019 Thalia Navas (bassoon)
2018Alisa Klebanov (viola)
2017 – Nicolas Richard (bassoon)
2016Bryan Cheng (cello)
2015Phoebe Robertson (flute)
2014Lara Deutsch (flute)
2013Kerson Leong (violin)
2012Darren Hicks (bassoon)
2011Shasta Ellenbogen (viola)
2010Robin Best (harp)
2009 – Daniel Parker (cello)
2008 Amelia Lyon (flute)
2007 – Thaddeus Morden (cello)
2006 Gareth Thomas (bassoon)
2005 Reynaliz Herrera (percussion)
2004 – Jean-Sébastien Lacombe (percussion)
2003 Robert Uchida (violin)
2002 – John Wong (percussion)
2001 Jean-Hee Lee (violin)
2000 Beth Sturdevant (cello) and Léonie Wall (flute)
1999 – Marie-Caroline Bourque (violin) and Erin Lesser (flute)
1998 Ming Goh (violin) and Pemi Paull (viola)
1997 – Renée London (violin) and Erin Mullen (French horn)
1996 Olivia Blander (cello) and Wilma Hos (viola)
1995 Olivia Blander (cello), Sunita Gingras (violin), Renée London (violin), and Pascale Margely (flute)
1994 – Andrew Laubstein (trombone) and Laura Tanod (cello)
1993 Steven van Gulik (trumpet) and Carl Bovell (tuba)
1992 Russell Itani (flute) and Tanis Light-Merimec (cello)
1991 – Eric Vaillancourt (percussion) and Steven Vlad (trombone)
1990 Leah Roseman (violin) and John Showman (violin)
1989 Vanessa Blander (violin) and Pierre Laurin (cello)
1988 – Hughes Jocelyn Cano (percussion) and Phong Mach (violin)
1987 Adriana Barton (cello) and Josée Marchand (oboe)
1986 – Susan Carney (flute) and Michael Sproule (violin)
1985 Elizabeth Griffiths (French horn) and Marie Savard (violin)
1984 Gertrude Létourneau (flute) and Shaun Pomer (cello)
1983Kenneth Simpson (percussion) and Joy Skrapec (clarinet)
1982 – Russell Armstrong (flute) and Jeremy McCoy (double bass)
1981Andrée Azar (violin)

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