Past Winners of the NAC Orchestra Bursary

2019 – Thalia Navas (bassoon)
2018Alisa Klebanov (viola)
2017 – Nicolas Richard (bassoon)
2016Bryan Cheng (cello)
2015Phoebe Robertson (flute)
2014Lara Deutsch (flute)
2013Kerson Leong (violin)
2012Darren Hicks (bassoon)
2011Shasta Ellenbogen (viola)
2010Robin Best (harp)
2009 – Daniel Parker (cello)
2008 Amelia Lyon (flute)
2007 – Thaddeus Morden (cello)
2006 Gareth Thomas (bassoon)
2005 Reynaliz Herrera (percussion)
2004 – Jean-Sébastien Lacombe (percussion)
2003 Robert Uchida (violin)
2002 – John Wong (percussion)
2001 Jean-Hee Lee (violin)
2000 – Beth Sturdevant (cello) and Léonie Wall (flute)
1999 – Marie-Caroline Bourque (violin) and Erin Lesser (flute)
1998 – Ming Goh (violin) and Pemi Paull (viola)
1997 – Renée London (violin) and Erin Mullen (French horn)
1996 – Olivia Blander (cello) and Wilma Hos (viola)
1995 – Olivia Blander (cello), Sunita Gingras (violin), Renée London (violin), and Pascale Margely (flute)
1994 – Andrew Laubstein (trombone) and Laura Tanod (cello)
1993 Steven van Gulik (trumpet) and Carl Bovell (tuba)
1992 – Russell Itani (flute) and Tanis Light-Merimec (cello)
1991 – Eric Vaillancourt (percussion) and Steven Vlad (trombone)
1990 Leah Roseman (violin) and John Showman (violin)
1989 – Vanessa Blander (violin) and Pierre Laurin (cello)
1988 – Hughes Jocelyn Cano (percussion) and Phong Mach (violin)
1987 – Adrianna Barton (cello) and Josée Marchand (oboe)
1986 – Susan Carney (flute) and Michael Sproule (violin)
1985 Elizabeth Griffiths (French horn) and Marie Savard (violin)
1984 – Gertrude Létourneau (flute) and Shaun Pomer (cello)
1983Kenneth Simpson (percussion) and Joy Skrapec (clarinet)
1982 – Russell Armstrong (flute) and Jeremy McCoy (double bass)
1981 – Andrée Azar (violin)

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