Sanjay Shahani

Edmonton · Alberta

Last updated: November 1, 2018

Sanjay Shahani was appointed to the NAC Board of Trustees in October 2018.

Sanjay Shahani has worked in the arts for more than 25 years. He has produced documentaries such as Don't Pity Me, Jaromír Skrivánek, and the series Different, Yet the Same: A Look at Canadian Cultures Today. As a theatre professional he is especially pleased to have contributed to Twisted Metal and Mermaids Tears, a community-engaged, professional theatre work that represented the plurality of South Riverdale in Toronto. As a volunteer, Sanjay has contributed to the growth and development of arts organizations. He is proud of his stint as founding Chair of the Prismatic Arts Festival in Halifax.  

Most recently, Sanjay was the Strategy Lead for Arts and Culture at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, designing the Foundation’s arts and culture investment strategy. Before being appointed to lead the Foundation’s strategy, he oversaw province-wide granting to the sector. Prior to joining the Foundation, Sanjay was a Theatre Officer at the Canada Council for the Arts and Community and Multidisciplinary Arts Officer at the Ontario Arts Council.

He is currently the Executive Director of the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC). Just over 17 months ago, Edmonton City Council directed the EAC to develop the next cultural plan for City. Sanjay in partnership with the Edmonton Heritage Council and Arts Habitat Edmonton, oversaw the building of Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan To Transform Arts and Heritage In Edmonton. Connections & Exchanges was approved by Edmonton City Council in October 2018.

Sanjay grew up in Bombay, India and has studied and worked in the Czech Republic, the United States of America and Canada.