Shin Sugino

Rick Mercer

Newfoundland comedian

At 21, Rick Mercer was given the chance to perform his one-man satirical rant ‘Show me the Button, I’ll Push It,’ about Newfoundland's treatment in the Meech Lake Accord, at the National Arts Centre – not far from where the debate carried on.

For this self-described Newfoundland nationalist and angry young man, who had been performing with a troupe doing late-night comedy cabarets in St. John’s, the opportunity was incredible. “I no more expected that than a rocket ship landing on my house.” It’s easy to imagine what courage it took to take the stage alone in the nation’s capital. “I’d like to say I was brave, but honestly I was so young I didn’t know any better. Minutes into that first show I realized, ‘Oh my God, they’re laughing. I'm actually pulling this off.’” Truly! Show Me the Button went on a highly successful Canadian tour and launched an extraordinary career.