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Richard Pellissier-Lush

Last updated: November 9, 2020

Richard Pellissier-Lush is a Mi’kmaq man from Lennox Island First Nation, PEI. His passions are based on his Mi’kmaq culture, traditions, loyalty and love of the First Nations communities and his family, the Mi'kmaq People.

Richard works with L’nuey as an Engagement Officer and he previously worked with the PEI Aboriginal Sport Circle and was heavily involved with the two First Nation Communities here in PEI, his biggest strength is working with his Mi'kmaq brothers and sisters. Richard graduated and was selected to be the Valedictorian of his 2012 Sport & Leisure Management Program, and continued his Education at the University of Manitoba.

Richard is one of the founders and original members of Mi'kmaq Legends (Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors), an all Indigenous Theatre Group that specializes in telling the stories, traditions, songs, dances, and culture of the Mi'kmaq from the past, and present. He has acquired and thrived in skills of public speaking, hosting engagement sessions, and educating non-Indigenous and Indigenous people of the Mi’kmaq on PEI, as well as working with and teaching the next generation about their culture and traditions. Richard is passionate about working with First Nation Communities to make sure the Mi’kmaq People know their rights, understand their rights, and help build a future for all L'nu that is strong and can flourish seven generations from today. 

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Music as a tool for cultural exchange in schools

The NAC and the Prince Edward Island Symphony Orchestra join forces to celebrate Indigenous culture with cross-cultural workshops.

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