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Chromatic splash on French Theatre!
Last updated: May 18, 2022

Chromatic splash on French Theatre!

Spectators, pram pushers, passers-by with headphones, window washers, garbage-picking pigeons and flying squirrels, beware! No one escapes the pop colours of artist Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, aka Pony.

Pony who?

The flamboyant illustrator has attracted international attention for her crazy, over-the-top drawings infused with tenderness for our fragile humanity. Pony is also a clothing brand featuring funny and rebellious slogans, the perfect match between Benevolence and Apocalypse. This friendly Montrealer is also an underground art and culture geek who hosts the web series Résiste!

For this new season, Mani Soleymanlou asked Pony to create a kind of puzzle poster, a canvas brimming with humans, animals, Martians and amphibians, like a giant invitation card addressed to all: people of this galaxy (or another), come and visit, occupy, invade this brilliant public agora in the form of a theatre. Because, let’s face it, despite our differences, it will be great to be TOGETHER!