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Artist, set designer

Noémie Avidar

Last updated: June 21, 2021

Noémie Avidar entered the National Theatre School of Canada’s set design program in 2006. Since her graduation in 2009, she has been designing sets for theatre, circus and dance productions as well as for independent short films. The Belgian-Israeli designer continually revisits and questions design and production processes in the performing arts. She has used printmaking, photocollage, text, digital media, the Internet, plants and audience participation. Among others, the performance Vivarium (2014–18) featured plants, climate. and local residents in Montreal, QC, Halifax, NS, and Moncton, NB. For the ecoscenography of her project Winslow (2019), she used the context and resources of the region where the play was hosted by the Escaouette theatre company to design the set. Eager to continue her research on contemporary stage language, in 2019 Noémie was awarded an entrance scholarship to the University of Ottawa’s master’s program in theatre practice. Her research focuses on the interrelation and ecology of theatrical space and on language as the foundation of identity experience. 

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