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Mica Hourbeigt


As a musician, instrumentalist, producer and beatmaker, Mica spends days working in the Studio where she is free to help tell stories via composition, music production, and mixing music for films and records. Mica has also worked in other studies, and was lucky enough to work at the emblematic Abbey Road in London, England. 

Mica has completed musical studies across the globe, in particular, Buenos Aires, Argentina (EMC Berklee International Network), New York, USA (Dubspot) and London, England (SSR). During these studies, Mica was exposed to different styles and personalities that have made a significant influence to her craft.  

Mica co-founded Outra, a collective label and community of female artists that create music and art, as well as RMS (Red MulstiSonora), Argentinian civil association that represents women, trans, lesbians, GNC people related to different areas in the music industry. 

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