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Karin Turesson


Karin’s life is and always has been music. As a child, she was drawn to the piano like a magnet. It started with Fräulein Fritsch when she was living in Germany, and continued with Svea when she moved to Sweden. It was she who encouraged Karin to write music.

Karin was accepted to the Malmö Academy of Music and this is when she began writing music for artistes as well as composing music for theatre, films and television. She has written music for the symphony orchestra and for Swedish Television news programmes, for adverts produced by Vision Recording, Pogofilm, Modfilm, Mekano Film & TV, Nordisk Film & TV. Karin has also written for documentary films and animation films as well as writing music for film director Roy Andersson.

Karin has been awarded with several prizes and scholarships from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and STIM, The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. SKAP holds presidency of ECSA - European Composer and Songwriter Alliance, and collaborates via ECSA with MCNA, Music Creators North America). 

Recently, Karin has been working on new music in the passion project titled “Sunstroke Rain”.

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