Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

Last updated: February 23, 2024

Trained at the St-Hyacinthe CEGEP Theatre School, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard is an author, columnist, director, and actor. We saw him at La Licorne Theater (Contes urbains) and at the TNM (L’école des femmes, Cyrano de Bergerac). On the small screen, he lends his talent to various productions such as O’, District 31, Le chalet, Marche à l’ombre, Mon ex à moi and Pourtoujours plus un jour. Since 2010, he has been personifying many actors while dubbing movies and television series. 

Jean-Philippe is also the author of many plays including Baiseries (Théâtre en petites coupures, 2010), Warwick (Theater Squadron, 2013), Tranche-cul (Espace Libre, 2014), La singularité est proche (OFFTA 2016 and Espace Libre in 2017) and Vous êtes animal (Quat’Sous, 2022). He is also the director of those last two plays. His directorial career led him to orchestrate three Just For Laughs Gala in the summer of 2018: Laurent Paquin, The Denis Drolet and Pier-Luc Funk. 

With his novel Sports et divertissements (2014), he begins a writing cycle that continues with Royal (2016)—for which he won the College Award and whose adaptation will be brought to the big screen—and concludes with Manuel de la vie sauvage (2018), which was later adapted into a play by Jean-Philippe, as well as a television series, in which he plays in both. Manuel de la vie sauvage won, in 2022, a Gémeau Prize “Best original program or series produced for digital media: variety”. 

His imagination and his eloquence can be heard during his columns on the radio show Jusqu’au bout on the ICI Première radio channel. Since 2019, the series Faux départs, entirely written by Jean-Philippe, is available on the platform He adapted to the small screen his fourth novel, Haute démolition, which released in 2021.

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