Executive Producer, National Creation Fund

Heather Moore

Last updated: January 18, 2021

Heather joined the NAC in 1994 and has held a series of positions of increasing responsibility, most recently as Producer and Executive Director for Canada Scene, one of the NAC’s most important national artistic projects.

Heather holds a B.A. in Music (University of Toronto) and a Master’s in Arts (Carleton) where she did her thesis on the impact of corporate sponsorship on Canadian orchestras. 

After working at the Montreal Symphony, the Canadian Film Institute and the Ottawa Arts Centre Foundation, she joined the NAC as a Marketing specialist for the NAC Orchestra, eventually becoming the NAC’s Director of Marketing. Under Heather’s leadership, the NAC attained its highest-ever subscription levels, with more than 35,000 subscribers in the 2002-2003 season.

In 2004, she was named Producer and Executive Director of the Alberta Scene (2005), and subsequently the Quebec Scene (2007), the BC Scene (2009), the Prairie Scene (2011), the Northern Scene (2013), the Ontario Scene (2015) and, ultimately, the Canada Scene (2017), a nine-day festival presenting 1500 artists from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific in more than 150 events.

As Producer for the Scene festivals, Heather has worked with hundreds of artistic partners to create one of Canada’s most important multi-disciplinary arts festivals, with a reputation for making a major impact on the careers of Canada’s most talented established and emerging artists.

Now at the helm of the newly-launched National Creation Fund, Heather oversees one of the NAC’s most important initiatives in years: filling the “creation gap” by investing up to $3 million a year in the additional time and resources required for Canadian performing artists and arts organizations to create compelling, ambitious and fully realized new work.

In addition to her work as a member of the NAC’s artistic leadership team, Heather also co-chaired the development of the NAC’s new strategic plan “Performing for Canadians”, and helped lead the largest consultation process ever undertaken by the NAC on the future direction of the Centre. On a volunteer basis, she also served as Co-Director for Special Events for the 2009 World Junior Hockey Championships.

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