Violin, composer & arranger

Edwin Huizinga

Last updated: August 18, 2021

Over the last decade, Edwin Huizinga has crossed many borders and boundaries as an artist around the world. Finding new and unique ways to connect with audiences performing in different genres, on different stages and platforms, and always striving to commit and connect with the community. Huizinga is a founding member of ACRONYM a world-renowned baroque ensemble, and Fire & Grace, which gives him the opportunity to share modern baroque premieres, new arrangements, and compositions with the musical community.

Huizinga has recently become the Artistic Director of the Sweetwater Music Festival and is also on the Artistic Leadership team of the Carmel Bach Festival. Huizinga loves to compose and works with a vast number of artists in the world of rock and roll, the world of ambient music, as well as working with Baroque Opera company, Opera Atelier on some contemporary compositions that contain a certain amount of reverence to that of the baroque as well.

Projects & initiatives

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UNDISRUPTED: A ground-breaking series

Four Canadian musical visionaries have created episodes with the NAC Orchestra that use the power of music and video to share their stories.