Edvard Skerjanc

Edvard Skerjanc was born in 1962. He comes from the small but beautiful village of Hrusevje (pronounced: khroo-shev-yeah) in western Slovenia, about 40 km east of the Italian city of Trieste. He started violin studies at age six, in Zagreb, Croatia, with Renata Senecic - a person he would forever regard as the single most important influence in his musical education. He completed his violin studies at the Zagreb Academy with professor Martin Baric and later in Russia with Isaac Reider.

In 1982, Mr. Skerjanc came to the United States to study with Leopold La Fosse. That summer he also met Ilona, his future wife and a native of Ottawa, while participating in the summer music academy in Nice, France (class of Aaron Rosand). He eventually settled in Canada and became a Canadian citizen. Edvard and Ilona are the proud parents of Alex, born in 1999.

After playing in the "I Musici de Montreal" for several seasons, he joined the ranks of the National Arts Centre Orchestra in 1990. In the summer of 2001, Mr. Skerjanc recorded a CD of early 20th century Canadian chamber music for violin, cello and piano, with former NAC cellist Rosalind Sartori and pianist and musicologist Dr. Elaine Keillor.

Edvard Skerjanc is also an artist. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember and throughout his youth has been able to study drawing and painting at a number of private and state-sponsored academies. Most recently, he has studied figure-painting with Charles Reid in New York and portraiture with Ottawa's own Robert Hyndman.

Mr. Skerjanc has had exhibits of his art in 2005 at the National Arts Centre and in 1998 and in 2002 at the Carmel Gallery in Ottawa, and with the Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolor in Toronto in 1997. He won a first prize in the category of miniatures at the Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario, in 1999.