Siobhan Detkavich

Last updated: November 30, 2022

Chef Siobhan Detkavich first stepped into the kitchen at the age of 16 and is no stranger to its many challenges. While all paths to culinary mastery are fraught with considerable demands, her experiences facing racism and sexism throughout her career have enticed her to defy the odds and show that perseverance, hard work, and dedication can be exemplified at any age. 

Having trained under renowned chefs throughout her career, at the age of 21, Detkavich found herself competing for the title of Top Chef Canada; making history as the youngest and first Indigenous woman to ever compete. 

She has since made her debut hosting her own television series, Dine Your Sign, and uses the spotlight to speak of the importance of reconciliation while honoring her Indigenous heritage. 

In January 2023, Chef Detkavich in partnership with The Ballantyne Project, will be launching a first-of-its-kind project to establish food banks in Indigenous communities in BC, giving them access to fresh, healthy foods at no cost and food education in support of promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

“We will be working within the communities to strengthen our relationships and create opportunities for indigenous youth” she says, “We’re so excited to be working alongside incredible people to help us with this journey!” 

Projects & initiatives

1 Elgin Resident Chefs program

Chefs from every region of Canada are invited to demonstrate their artistry and vision of what Canadian cuisine can be, and to share their knowledge and culinary innovation.

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