Attima Hadlari

Attima is an Inuk drum dancer who presently lives in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.
He has been actively drumming since his early teen years and attributes his ability to his teachers, Hadlari, his father, and Qauquqtuuq, his cousin. Attima drums in the Natchilingmiut style accompanied by one or more chant singers.
Over the years he has performed with his drum to audiences across the world, often explaining the significance and traditional uses of the chants and the dance. Other times he demonstrates such traditional skills as the use of the seal skin whip or teaches, coaches and officiates traditional Inuit games.
Attima was born out on the land between today’s settlements of Talurřuaq, and Kuugaarřuk, and raised in the nomadic lifestyle, living in tents and iglus, until his family moved into the settlement of Talurřuaq when he was a teenager. He has worked as an interpreter/ translator for the legislative assembly since the mid 1970's. Working together with, elder, Miriam Aglukkaq, a Natchilingmiutut dictionary has been produced, and is now shared online.