| Siren Høyland

Arne Lygre

Born in 1968 in Bergen, at the head of one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords, Arne Lygre trained as an actor before turning to writing. He published a collection of short stories (In Time, 2004) and two novels (A Last Face, 2006, and My Dead Man, 2009) before establishing himself as a playwright. Between 1998 and 2013 he wrote eight plays, which explore themes of absence and disappearance. Their fragmented, ellip­tical style quickly attracted the attention of such leading directors as Claude Régy (Homme Sans But [Man Without Purpose] at the Odéon) and Stéphane Braunschweig (Je disparais [I Disappear] and Rien de moi [Nothing of Me] at La Colline).