Alexina Louie

Canadian Composer

Music first took flight for composer Alexina Louie when as a child she followed the Dragon Dance throughout the streets of Vancouver.

Years later, after winning the NAC Composer’s Award, Alexina was invited to join the National Arts Centre Orchestra on tour – the first of many across Canada. “The concerts are amazing, but the outreach component is tremendous.”

From music composition and masterclasses for elementary and high school students, to performing in retirement homes… “It’s a connection to the community that leaves a fantastic footprint.”

Perhaps the most memorable was bringing her composition Take the Dogsled – featuring full orchestra and two throat singers – to Iqaluit. So successful and faithful to the experience was the performance, that two women were surprised to discover Alexina wasn’t Inuit. 

In October 2013, Alexina Louie rediscovered her family’s roots in China, when she traveled with Music Director Pinchas Zukerman and the NAC Orchestra for an unprecedented tour of China.