Violinist, IOS 2018-2019

Ah Young Kim

Ah Young Kim has been actively participating and performing in number of chamber groups including Quortor Bloor String Quartet and Verbier Octet. She is also very contributing member of many orchestral engagements and has received highest praise from seasoned orchestral professionals. She is an alumnus of Verbier Orchestra 2018&2019.

Upcoming performances until August 2019 include recital at Mazzoleni Hall (Toronto), Verbier Festival (Switzerland), 21C Festival with Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Ah Young made her debut performing with Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009. Her recent work as a soloist includes performing with Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universaid de Alicante from Spain with conductor Uri Segal. She has invited constantly to perform for Vivaldi concert series in 2016-2017.She has also participated and performed in various festivals such as Music Fest Perugia in Italy (2013, 2014) and Euro Music Festival in Austria (2009) and Germany (2010).

Ah Young Kim was born in 1995 in Daejeon, S.Korea. While she studied in Korea for eight years with Paul Kim, concertmaster of Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra, and his wife Min Jeong Kim, concertmaster of Andi Musik Orchestra, she has won many national competitions in Korea including one held by the Music Association of Korea, Dong-A string competition, and the Daejeon Catholic Music Competition.

She is currently graduating the Glenn Gould School in Toronto, studying with Atis Bankas.