Chansons pour le musée

Three episode podcast

Vignette chansons-pour-le-musee credit-seeastienecroteae
© Sébastien Croteau

Theatre for the heart and ears

Karine Sauvé electrified us in concert mode at the last BIG BANG! She’s back in peak shape with an original sound creation. Grab your headphones and find a comfortable spot!

Chansons pour le musée (“Songs for the museum”) is a story in three episodes about Karine-Pas-Sauvé’s unusual quest. At night, she visits a museum and its works, to seek comfort after the breakup of a family unit. But don’t cry your handkerchiefs just yet; Karine has the gift of turning the Heavy into Light.

Once again accompanied by soundman and sound magician extraordinaire Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik, artist and performer Karine Sauvé sings from the heart. Totally engaged, she plays with sounds and reminds us of the mysterious and unsuspected powers of art. Touching, funny, uninhibited!

In French ● ages 7 + ● Free

If you enjoyed the podcast and would like to take the experience further, visit: (in French)

Concept and artistic direction: Karine Sauvé / Performed by Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik and Karine Sauvé / Text: David Paquet and Karine Sauvé / Playwright and stage director: Anne-Marie Guilmaine / Sound design: Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik / Songs: Nicolas Letarte-Bersianik and Karine Sauvé / Direction, sound recording and mixing: Navet Confit / Typesetting: Jean-Philippe Villemure

Production: Mammifères / Coproduction: NAC French Theatre
In collaboration with Mois and Théâtre La Chapelle

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