Lulling Time

An explosition of soothing songs

© Dahlia Katz

Beddy-bye in times of the pandemic

What did your grandmother hum to put you to sleep? What do you sing to soothe your own little ones? You probably remember at least one lullaby from your childhood: a song that eased your sorrow, or a nursery rhyme that calmed your nighttime fears. Lulling Time has invited people of all ages and backgrounds to share their childhood memories and, through their voices or simple murmurings, revive an overlooked cultural heritage. Our explosition offers a glimpse of this rich collection of lullabies in different languages from many traditions around the world. All together, they provide a precious balm for our daily lives in confinement.

A creation of the Berceurs du temps, in collaboration with Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers and Julie Pellissier-Lush who visited the Mi'kmaq community of Lennox Island in Prince Edward Island.

Four playlists await you

Multilingual ● All ages ● Free


Try a little tenderness

Songs selected from the LULLING TIME archives

Your arms are my cradle

Songs selected from the LULLING TIME archives


Spirits of the Island

Songs recorded by Julie Pellissier-Lush and Brent Chiasson on Lennox Island, P.E.I.


Children of the wind

Songs recorded by the Centre For Newcomers staff in Calgary,  AB

Since 2016, the Berceurs du temps have been touring the parks and squares of Greater Montreal with a participatory installation that allows passers-by to record and listen to lullabies. So far, they have collected more than 1,200 songs in 60 languages, creating an ever-growing archive of touching encounters, now shared with all of us, young and old alike, just when we need it most. Some special contributions from Calgary and Prince Edward Island have been added especially for the BIG BANG.

Concept and selection of lullabies : Ilya Krouglikov, from the project archives Bercer le temps / Concept and design : Berceurs du temps (Sarah Dell’Ava, Ilya Krouglikov, Wolfram Sander) / Sound editing : Wolfram Sander, Claire Perryman-Holt / Mastering: Olivier Girouard

Special thanks to the 800 or so participants who have lent their voices to the project since 2016.

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