October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
The Transformations Project


By B'atz' Recinos / Stratford Festival
  This video is only available in french with subtitles in English and French

a meditation & reflection. a spark of courage, a call for hope

B’atz’ is a creator, performer, advocate & Harold Award winner. Their commitment to equitable & diverse practices led them to speak at YouthREX, publish articles in NOW & Intermission Magazine, & contribute to The Director’s Lab by Playwright Canada Press. They have given workshops on diversity, inclusion & self-care to youth, artists & communities. This performing arts experience led them to found Creative Mafia.

B’atz’ Recinos was born and raised on Turtle Island with mixed Maya roots from Iximulew (Guatemala). The Art of Storytelling (TAOS) is bringing performance back to its origins, a theatrical journey through cultures, time & space, combining music, poetry, oral storytelling, dance, ritual, and performed in three languages: English, Spanish, Maya (K’iche). It is an odyssey into the depths of the earth and a voyage into the skies, a retelling of who we are by connecting to our ancestral voices, a cosmic energy to the land.

Commissioned by Stratford Festival.

English. With English and French subtitles.