Canada at jazzahead!

Audrey Ochoa at jazzahead! 2022

This concert was pre-recorded at jazzahead! 2022, Canadian Showcase Night in Bremen, Germany, April 28, 2022

Musicians: Audrey Ochoa, Sandro Dominelli, Mike Lent

The transformation of nostalgia is both innovative and intricate, a delicate balance of appealing to the old while tiptoeing at the forefront of the cutting edge. Unbound by any predisposed ideals around genre or delivery, trombonist Audrey Ochoa has achieved the ideal: presenting meticulously influential compositions with a playful and liberated approach. One of Edmonton’s most prolific trombone players, playing jazz, rock, pop, Latin, punk, ska, and whatever other genre will have her. Ochoa has found a home in jazz and contemporary music, composing her own tunes, which are often Latin-influenced and convey her sense of humour.

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