Young People and the Arts at the NAC

Meet the National Arts Centre’s artistic leaders: Cathy Levy, Executive Producer, NAC Dance; Jillian Keiley, Artistic Director NAC English Theatre; Brigitte Haentjens, Artistic Director NAC French Theatre; and Alexander Shelley, Music Director, NAC Orchestra. All of them care deeply about young people and arts education. They’ll tell you it’s essential for the development of young people to be in contact with great visuals arts, great music, and great theatre. The arts give them a sense of dedication, perseverance, a sense that there’s nothing you can’t go for.  The youth and education programs here at the NAC are a vital part of our present and of our future. Training and apprenticeships are essential. Young people need role models and mentors – individuals that embody the ambition that they feel inside them, somebody saying “you’re important enough to invest in because I believe that you’re going to be great!”

This video premiered at 2015 National Arts Centre Gala Presented by CIBC in support of the NAC's National Youth and Education Trust, which supports a wide range of programs such as masterclasses, internships, and training programs for emerging artists, as well as student matinees, open rehearsals, and subsidized tickets to build young audiences.

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