Xavier Forget and the “art” of presenting Canada’s most talented Francophone artists

Xavier forget prelude

Xavier Forget, Associate Producer of French Programming – NAC Presents

Q. It’s said that NAC Presents “shines a spotlight today on the music stars of tomorrow.” Seven of the top ten winners at the 2014 ADISQ awards gala—Quebec’s Grammys—had recently performed in the NAC Presents series. Do you have a crystal ball?

A. That’s a trade secret! But seriously, I simply try to invite artists I fi nd original. I’m delighted when they win prestigious awards. I tell myself, Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks that artist is amazing.

Q. Francophone singer-songwriter Ariane Moffat has sold more than 250,000 albums, yet she’s virtually unknown in English Canada. Does it surprise you that artists of her calibre aren’t known from coast to coast to coast?  

A. Not really. There are so many Canadian artists to discover! I’m proud of what NAC Presents has accomplished. We’ve created a space where audiences can enjoy a wide range of musical experiences, thanks to a diverse program that includes everything from intimate folk to pop, rock, jazz and even hip hop.

Q. According to your crystal ball, who are the artists to watch in 2015?

A. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Louis Jean Cormier, Whitehorse and Boogat.  

Q. What’s a Boogat?

A. My crystal ball tells me you’re going to discover some exciting new artists in 2015.

Interview with Xavier Forget about NAC Presents (and his favorite mode of transportation).

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