Street closures around the NAC during Ottawa Race Weekend

Ushering in a fresh, new look

Suzanne Charron, Beyley Ismaël Youssouf, Shawn Hewson (designer), Pamela Feghali, Geneviève Laforce © John Arano
Shawn Hewson (designer), Geneviève Laforce © John Arano
Beyley Ismaël Youssouf, Suzanne Charron, Shawn Hewson (designer), Pamela Feghali, Geneviève Laforce © John Arano
Beyley Ismaël Youssouf © John Arano

New public spaces, new orchestra shell, new NAC logo, new CEO. No question there’s been a lot of renewal going on at the NAC over the last few years. Now another familiar NAC element has a fresh, new look: the usher uniform. There had been five NAC uniforms between 1969 and 2018, the previous one was in use for 30 years! The new uniform is by renowned Canadian fashion designer Shawn Hewson of Bustle Clothing. It is stylish, contemporary and comfortable. Charcoal-coloured with accents of black and NAC purple, the uniform features custom-designed shirt fabric with a subtle motif that recalls shapes found all over the NAC.

“When I first walked into the new NAC building, I looked up and saw the beautiful, hexagonal ceiling coffers,” said Hewson. “Right away I saw an opportunity to integrate that design into the uniform.” Ushers have embraced the new uniform, which is gender neutral. They’ll be able to mix and match the jacket, pants, skirt, ties, and, for the first time, a sweater. “We’ve designed the uniform to stand the test of time,” added Hewson. “Fashions fade but style is eternal.”

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