Two Classic Plays…Two Separate Periods…Two Different Cities…One Opening Night

The Glace Bay Miners' Museum Francine Deschepper, Gil Garratt © Photo: Andree Lanthier
Pride and Prejudice Tyrell Crews, Shannon Taylor © Photo: Trudie Lee

When the 2012 -13 English Theatre season was announced, there was much excitement around the first two productions in the Theatre, Wendy Lill's The Glace Bay Miners' Museum (a co-production with Neptune Theatre) and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - in a co-production with Theatre Calgary - in a new adaptation by Janet Munsil.

The two plays are classic love stories, with one taking place in '40s Nova Scotia, the other in Regency England. One is a Canadian classic, the other a much loved, international favourite. Both started as novels, both have had numerous theatrical productions and both have been adapted into feature films.

This makes it even more intriguing that both productions open on the same night, with The Glace Bay Miners' Museum  opening tonight at the NAC and Pride and Prejudice opening two hours later at Theatre Calgary.

So tonight, follow along on NAC Stories, Twitter and Facebook, as we report about two openings, about two classic love stories, in two cities, on the same night.

NAC English Theatre truly gets around Canada!

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