Things Seen and Overheard at the NAC this Morning

Exhibit northernscene
Northern Scene gallery exhibit: Inuit Ullumi: Inuit Today

On my walk through the building, down the twisting, turning, magical halls of the NAC this morning I took-in and overheard:

  • an Inuit-art gallery exhibit as part of the Northern Scene festival
  • a production team meeting on the Southam Hall stage
  • a piano being tuned in rehearsal hall B
  • a Steinway being rolled into rehearsal hall A by a team of three, taking the greatest care with it
  • and two other members of a team descending a staircase discussing plans for a dance show, carrying rolls of duct tape the length of an arm. (What simple magic will all this tape perform?!)

As part of the NAC Web team, it's moments like these that keep me connected to the work that my colleagues are producing in the halls and on the stages of this organization.

The vibrancy and intent of effort of each person involved in these activities is what brings the NAC to life around the clock. How lucky to be a part of all of this!

The National Arts Centre produces and presents the BEST of the arts in Canada and around the world, and it all starts in moments like these, that I witnessed and overheard on my walk through the building to my quiet office today.

What did you see on your way to work this morning?

What Ottawa wonders did you behold?

And what will you take part in next at the NAC?

I wonder if I saw or overheard a nugget of the magic that you'll witness; all rehearsed-out, perfected and performed in mind-bending glory over the next few days on our stages?

I think I did. Don't you?

P.S. I forgot to mention The Tenors and Peggy Baker are in the building! How cool is that?


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