Projections of the North

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What do you make of the North?

Inspired by northern imagery drawn and photographed from storybooks, instructional texts and northern themed books, a variety of shapes
represent how we have come to ‘project’ the north. Romantic, historical, and sometimes cliché, these images combine understandings and misunderstandings of the complexities inherent in the north.

Visual/Material Anthropologist and Facilitator Valerie Salez gathered and created dozens of items for people to create their own vision of the north and project them onto the walls of the lobby at the National Arts Centre during Northern Scene's SWARM event.

To view the full collection of projections titled Shedding Light Shape Shifters visit the Northern Scene Facebook gallery.

In conjunction with the exhibition Dawson Gold and Northern Scene, Carleton University Art Gallery hosts a conversation between artist Valerie Salez and Heather Anderson, curator of the exhibition.

Tuesday April 30, 7:00 pm at Carleton University Art Gallery

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