Over 25 million tickets sold!

A model of the Parliament Buildings made entirely out of NAC ticket stubs by NAC subscriber Go Sato.

In June of 1969, the National Arts Centre opened to the public. Ticket prices for the opening festival performance reached as high as $7.50. Forty-four years later the 25 millionth ticket was sold. Imagine how many performances, events, and artists have graced the NAC stages to reach that numeric milestone?

From Roxy Music's Southam Hall performance in 1975 to one of the many interpretations of The Nutcracker and Macbeth – moments of performing arts magic are as diverse as the patrons who fill our halls.

Print at home and mobile ticketing are becoming increasingly popular, but there is no denying the sweet nostalgia when feeling that worn out ticket stub saved from a favourite performance from years gone by.

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