NAC podcasts this week: Conversations about La Bohème and hip-hop

Joyce El-Khoury and Michael Fabiano in La Bohème

NACOcast with Nicholas Atkinson
In this week's episode of the NACOcast host Nicholas Atkinson discusses the extreme responses to opera. Some feel that it is an elitist art form attended by bejeweled woman and 'bejoweld' men. However, as Nicholas points out even the most stoic listener can be moved to tears.

Both Nicholas and Alexander Shelley agree that the third act is the heart of La Bohème. Like the slow movement of a symphony the depth and beauty of the music is most moving at this point in the story.

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NAC Dance Podcast
In this 3rd of 3 podcasts, Anne Michaud continues her conversation with choreographer, Mourad Merzouki. They discuss musical influences and the importance of taking musical risks like fusing different genres. 

Direct mp3 link (In French)

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