NAC Orchestra Brass Trio in Pangnirtung

Vue de Pangnirtung

Pangnirtung Landscape

Caroline Matt

Concert à l’école primaire Alookie (Pangnirtung)

School Concert at Alookie Elementary School in Pangnirtung

Caroline Matt

Concert communautaire à Pangnirtung

Community Concert in Pangnirtung

Caroline Matt

The NACO Brass Trio Tour to Pangnirtung and Rankin Inlet, an initiative of the NAC Music Alive Program (MAP) and the Northern Tour, has only just begun and I think it was already more eventful than we could have ever dreamed of. Our evening flight from Iqaluit to Pangnirtung was cancelled at the last minute due to strong winds, so we ended up flying out early the next morning. Instead of arriving in the middle of the night, we flew into Pang just as the sun came up and witnessed the arrival of narwhals from above thanks to our pilot who toured the bay one extra time so we all had a great view of the pod.

Pangnirtung is breathtaking and the people warm and welcoming. The Trio performed for two schools and gave 6 workshops/lessons to the Grade 10 music class and other students interested in learning a brass intrument. But the highlight for me was the community concert. Approximately 200 community members attended (we were expecting 50 at most!), all thanks to the hard work of Peter Evic, Recreation Coordinator for the Hamlet, and other community members. There was so much excitement and appreciation that everyone is ready to start working on the next project. And that is what MAP is all about.

By Caroline Matt

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Marnie Richardson

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