Invitation for public feedback on accessibility at the NAC

People visit vendors tables at an indoor Indigenous art market.
Indigenous art market in the NAC’s public spaces. © Greg MacKay
Audience members, including two in wheelchairs in an accessible seating area, watch a performance in Southam Hall.
Audience members watch a performance of Akram Khan’s Jungle Book reimagined in Southam Hall. © Pat Bolduc

We are currently reviewing and finalizing our 2023 Accessibility Progress Report. This document is intended as a summary of our progress towards achieving the accessibility goals included in our 2022-2025 Accessibility Plan.

Over the past few months, our Accessibility Advisory Committee members and numerous NAC departments have contributed updates to the report, to describe our 2023 accessibility initiatives, as well as challenges, barriers, and accomplishments.

It is a priority to ensure that individuals with lived experience are part of our consultation process. This includes those who identify as Deaf, disabled, or neurodivergent, and those who work within these communities.

We invite feedback from our patrons, performers, collaborators, and community members on an ongoing basis and when developing and updating NAC programs and plans, such as this Progress Report.

If you are interested in reviewing the NAC 2023 Accessibility Progress Report before its translation and publication deadline, please be in touch with us by December 1, 2023 by sending an email to or by calling 613-947-7000.

Draft content is available upon request, we will make every effort to communicate with you in the language and format you request. 

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