Farewell for now CD318

Glenn Gould's beloved CD318 piano is once again on the move. This time the piano is being stored at the Museum of Nature while the National Arts Centre undergoes major renovations.

"One of the most important pieces in our art and artifact collection is the Glenn Gould CD318 piano" says NAC Archivist-Curator Robert VanderBerg. Throughout the renovations, the NAC will be carefully preserving its artworks such as the CD318.  Some will be protected in place, while others will be removed and securely stored. 

Jan Lisiecki was the first pianist to perform on the CD318 when it arrived at the NAC in 2012 and by chance he was here on the day it was to be moved into storage. Lisiecki took the opportunity to perform on the piano once again. "We can feel a bit of Glenn Gould inside the piano." says Jan "and we can feel that he left part of his soul inside."  

The NAC looks forward to showcasing its collection in its new public spaces once renovations are done. 

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